WoH Talent!



Founder/Executive Director

Amanda is used to leading and thrives on helping others. Before she became a nurse, in 1992, she was an electronic technician for the USAF and Xerox. She also has had hands on experience with auto repair and loves to get her hands in the dirt and see what grows. She loves the people of South Sudan and Uganda and feels more at home in East Africa than anywhere else. She has been a full-time missionary since 2011 and looks forward to years of serving Christ and the people He brings to WoH.



Student Scholarship Manager

Winnie joined WoH in 2019 as a full-time teacher helping to coordinate our 15 scholarship students from the local community and the refugee settlements.

Winnie has so much love and knowledge to give to our children. She works with them everyday whether tutoring with homework or helping them in problem areas to give them the best possible opportunity for a good future.

She lives with us along with her 2 young ones. 

She is an important member of our faith community here at the WoH home base. 



Children's Ministry Leader

Musa joined Wings of Healing with the vision and drive to improve upon our Christian ministry. He is focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity from a heart that is dedicated to serving children. He wants to usher peace into his war-torn country. He has been studying Procurement & Logistics and is great at the administrative tasks.


Stella Wani

Moyo District Manager

Stella started as a WoH student in 2014 and is now working full-time as WoH compound manager. She has always been a natural born leader and has been learning quickly how to fill her new role.

Stella loves agriculture and we have started training her to be our lead Agriculture staff. 

Stella is strong in her faith and she always has a good word for everyone. She loves the Lord and is a great worship leader. During our daily devotions she leads us with love. 

Pita Smile.jpg


Compound Staff

Susan started as one of our students in 2014 and graduated from High School last year. She has joined us full-time as a worker as she explores different areas of ministry and prays about how her future should be shaped.

Susan has had many struggles coming from a peasant family in South Sudan. The Lord is the lifter of her head and He is leading her into a life of service.

Pray with us about her future and all our students!



Compound Worker

Enya has worked on and off for WoH since 2013 and is now living at the WoH compound with her 4 grandchildren.

Enya has worked hard to raise he grandchildren against the worst odds. In her work to raise the kids she has done some amazing things to teach them to live the best life that they can by always honoring God!

She is our matriarch and we all love her so much! 



Board Member

Kevin joined the board this year but joined WoH family in 2011 as our beloved daughter. She is trustworthy and honest and lives her life glorifying God. She works hard at a government hospital helping women to safely bring their children into the world. She is a devoted wife, mother and friend.



Board Member
Youth Pastor

Stephen loves people and has a heart for service. He trains children's workers and is a great addition to the board. He voluntarily teaches and is one of the most humble men I know. He has worked with children for many years and has raised some amazing child workers. We thank God for him.