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The tale of two surgeries!

I have been in the process and breast cancer battle for almost 3 years while running a ministry in South Sudan and Uganda. I just came back from working in the refugee camps in northern Uganda to finish this long process of mastectomies, chemotherapy, radiation and just surviving. Well for me the last surgery was Dec 12, 2017.

I flew to University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle and had my last surgery in the breast reconstruction process.

For the longest time since they removed the first breast in Feb 2015 I have felt fractured, not whole, in pieces and it didn't sit well with me. Was it vanity or for my mental health? Maybe a little of both!

I feel whole again!

As I am here we have a young man that is living in an orphanage in a refugee camp that hasn't felt whole for about 6 years. He had a wound on his left leg that became a bone infection in 2011. In 2012 he had surgery and treatment to correct both but with many instances the family was not able to take him back to Uganda for follow up treatment.

Dr. Sule, from Healing Kadi Clinic now in Palorinya refugee camp, saw the boy and knew he needed to get back to Entebbe to CoRSU hospital which specializes in bone issues and disabilities in mostly children. We met each other in Moyo, Uganda and he asked if WoH could help this boy.

I went to the orphanage and met Emmanuel in November and studied his case. I immediately felt compassion for him and consented to take him for the surgery that will help him be free of infection and return to a better life and return to school. This last year the pain has been so bad he was not able to attend classes and has gotten behind.

Pray for this sweet, shy young man as he goes through corrective surgery and antibiotic treatments to restore his health. His surgery is tomorrow and he is now at the hospital with Bilo attending to him.

I am so proud of Emmanuel, Bilo and everyone that has worked to make this possible. If you look at our students there you will see his picture. We will ensure he gets the education he has been missing.

When WoH takes a child to help them they become one of our family. We continue to be involved in their lives. I thank God that He has put this into our hearts, it is just what Christ would expect from us.

So surgery here and surgery there and we both can move forward in what the Lord would have for us next! Pray we both have speedy recovers that we may glorify God.

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