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Tell of Two Surgeries! Part 2

Both surgeries went well, thousands of miles apart but joined by the love of Christ.

Emmanuel is a inspiring young man and he has done so well. Four days after corrective surgery on his left leg he is out of the hospital and heading home.

What a blessing to help someone to come back to health. 

Musa spent the time with him encouraging him and empowering for his future. Thank you CoRSU Hospital for the good work done for so many!

Here in the US I am also recovering. I wss blessed to be able to walk the block and a half to church yesterday. It has finally snowed and it was beautiful. I have 3 more weeks until I can shovel and I do miss the exercise. 

We are both on the mend and looking forward to full healing. I praise God that He was with us both and will remain with us.

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