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Working Towards a Brighter Future

At Wings of Healing Community Health & Development we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need them the most.
Please partner with us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of students that would otherwise not get an education.

$50 a month can take care of one students needs. Not just school fees but also caring for their health, nutrition and spiritual health. Give to our student fund!



The Future Looks Bright

We believe in development and helping to develop a mind is a great privilege! 
We want to introduce to you our students and give you the opportunity to help support them with education costs. These students are either orphans or from families that have no ability to pay for school fees. When you support them it means they will stay in school and become leaders in their countries and bring a better future for their generation.

We love our homeschool teachers that are teaching our Primary 4 & 5 students. We have other students sponsored in day and boarding schools around Northern Uganda. 

SUPPORT A STUDENT-Change a life forever!




Senior 1

Rose came to us in 2012 from a home that was selling alcohol and frequented by witchdoctors.

She has been a permanent member of the WoH family and she has become a force for the Lord.


She wants to become a nurse and is determined to complete her education. She is 23 years old and married to Simon with a 6 month old child, Blessing.

She is studying her curriculum at home and working to raise her child.


Senior 4 Graduate Waiting for Agriculture School in 2023

Stella is an orphan and we met her in 2014. She came to us and made a plea that if we educate her she will serve God and others with the education she gets. She is strong, loving and works hard to succeed.

She is a blessing to so many and is a strong leader of the WoH family. She works to help manage the compound.

She loves Agriculture and keeps our crops growing here at home and teaches the other children about growing crops, herbs and beautiful flowers.

We all love and respect her!



Primary 5

Our dear Mercy came to us as a patient. At 7 years old we took her for treatment of a hemangioma tumor on her left eye. She received several surgeries and bleomycin treatment injections into the tumor for over 2 years.

She was living in sheer poverty. Now she is thriving and excelling in school. She now has a life to live. She blossomed into a happy, bright young lady that loves easily. 

She is a help and encouragement to all the family members at home even though she tends to be a little shy.



Senior 2

Emmanuel was a medical patient of ours that we sent for treatment of a long-term bone infection that had existed since 2012. He did not attend school for a year because the pain was too much for him to walk from the orphanage to the school in the refugee camp where he lived.


He has lived with us for over 3 years and attends boarding school. He is a great help around the farm and leading the younger children to seek an education and live in peace with others.

He wants to become a doctor so he can help others like he was helped. He is no longer an orphan but a WoH family member.

He is a loving and caring young man with a great future.



Primary 5

The little sister to Rose and a blessing to my heart. She always has a smile to share and gives my heart joy.


She is focused on her education band she is performing at the top of her class! Even though her education was minimal coming out of South Sudan and in the Refugee Settlements she is showing us she is brilliant. Her scores are always Division I!

I can't wait to see who she will become in the future!



Primary 3

Mono is 12 years old and is living in the refugee camp with his mom and sister Blessing.

Since moving to the camp his mom has not been able have a business like she did in South Sudan and wants her children to be educated. 

He is well behaved and loves to help his mother. As with so many in the camps his father is gone.



Primary 4

Udiga is one of four siblings being raised by their grandmother, Enya. His father and mother both died tragically. In the camps he never seemed down but he is now doing great here being a part of the WoH family for over 3 years, no longer living in the refugee camps.


He always has a smile and is very helpful to everyone he meets. He is a peacemaker already and we will help him to grow to become a strong man that loves God and others.



Primary 4

Duku is 14 years old and the little brother to Udiga. He loves his grandmother that has cared for him since he was 3 years old.

He had little education opportunities in South Sudan and the refugee camps but now he is the best performer in our WoH school.



Primary 4

Florence is 13 years old and is a sweet and hopeful child. She is the youngest of the four children that their grandmother was raising before they all moved to the WoH family home over 3 years ago.

She goes to school to learn "everything to know". She is excelling in her education and we look forward to helping her grow into a future leader.

She loves to please and has the best laugh. She is a wonderful young woman and it has been a pleasure to see her grow these last 9 years. 


Primary 5

Concy Liong is the oldest of the four siblings that came with her grandmother to live at WoH.

She helps with the chores and cooking but wants so much more. She wants to be a teacher so that she can help others in her situation gain an education.


She loves going to school and her teacher Joan. She is at the top of our P5 class and never ceases to amaze us with her intelligence. 



Senior 3

Simon loves to pay futball (soccer) and is often seen loving on his 6 month old daughter Blessing when he is not at boarding school. He and Rose were married last year. 


He is a great help to his wife and is working hard to complete his education so he can ensure the success of his family.

His grades are good and he is quiet but always willing to lend a hand when needed.

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Ask what you want about us; our students needs, our training, our medical clients or even coming and joining us.

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